To Search, To Rescue, To Save — Maritime and Coastguard Agency Film
—These short cinematic stories emotively describe's the necessity of the Coastguard service and aims to drive awareness that, in an emergency on the coast or at sea, the Coastguard will always respond.

To Search, To Rescue, To Save

The film ’To Save’ starts from the perspective of the viewer as the casualty regaining consciousness in the sea. it’s not known how you got there, nor why. All that’s obvious from the distressing audio and all-encompassing frantic scene is that the trouble is real. The visuals echo the chilling realisation that this is a terrifying incident. This viewpoint engages us and human nature makes us hold on for the outcome.

This scene shows that conditions don’t need to be severe for people to get into trouble. The storyline concludes with the Coastguards coming into view and saving you, the casualty. The film imparts the understanding that you are now in safe hands, thereby promoting the effectiveness of the Coastguard and creating a desire to be part of this brave unit.

The film is designed to stop, engage and recruit...