The Comet by Dowsett Cars

— Creating a launch film that encompasses the car's purpose with the visceral experience for those who drive it, and those who see it driven

The creative direction of this piece was crafted to be as immersive as possible — From the subtle, yet luxurious detail of the hand stitched interior to the uncensored 6.2 v8. The Comet defines everything we've come to expect from a British car — refined, elegant and beautiful; then delivering an all-encompassing visceral experience as you make fast, competent ground along the quintessential B road.

Though our understanding of how advertising is being consumed on mobile and social media, we actively kept the advert short and sensory, balancing the soundscape with engaging visuals to produce a film that balances a blend of beautiful and brutal.

The Dowsetts Classic Car Company is a small British car company based in East Hertfordshire founded by the TV personality and co "For The Love of Cars" presenter Ant Anstead along with a team of skilled gentlemen, all with a passion for classic cars.

The company designs and hand builds bespoke sports cars taking its inspiration from the evocative designs of the 1950’s and 1960’s British, sports road & racing cars but harnesses these designs to modern engineering & drivetrain technology.

"I am so thrilled with Justin and the team! Allowing them free reign, they truly captured the Comet in the most romantic & artistic film we could have hoped for.

Their passion for cars really shines through in the film and having worked in TV for many years I am super impressed with their attention to detail — each shot reflecting and celebrating exactly how we feel about our car and the months of hard work we've poured into it. Thank you guys"

Ant Anstead

Pre Production
Post Production

Art Direction

Colour Grading
Sound Design