S I R O S — Branding & Visual Communication

—The Siros logo provides an effective and flexible platform, from which the brand can seamlessly create and develop future products.

Siros’s brand architecture allows each product to have its own personality and unique UI, whilst still maintaining the Siros family feel. It's simple, but very effective and works across multiple applications. To create a visual identity that is considered, professional, none corporate with well designed brand architecture is key. It was vitally important that both visual and verbal elements of the Siros brand and communication was in a cohesive manner across all areas of the business — how the company brand elements exist as an envelope within which, SAAS tools such as 'SkyArk' and any subsequent products operate ultimately go on, along with the brands actions and how it behaves will shape what Siros stands for in people's minds.

Successful brands have the architecture thing nailed. That meant that from the very beginning, we spent a lot of time considering how this will minimise the risk and need to rethink things later. The time the product launches and demand for new product increases, indecision or knee jerk changes shortly after launch will be perceived negatively by your audience and reflect badly on the business — We had to make sure that we considered the brand architecture when producing logotypes and colours for each entity. All brands evolve to satisfy the every changing needs of their clients.

Research and Development
Brand Architecture
Brand System
Creation of the Big Idea and Vision

Creation of Values and Personality
Creation of Brand Strategy Document
Creation of Brand Elements
Logo and brand icons

Brand Font Family
Tone of Voice
Brand Colours

Social Media Identity kit
Promotional Elements
Brand Guidelines