Sherrens The Printers — Rebrand

—Sherrens The Printers and required help in re-branding the business and going forward.

Having lost their way, we created an identity that harked back to their 175 year history as litho printers. We got to know Clive and Andy - the owners of Sherrens the Printers - because we needed a quality local printer that cared about replicating our work as much as we did creating it. They were struggling with their identity, which had pretty much been lost over the years, and various owners had all put their own personal stamp on it. 175 years of trading, and the first litho printer in Weymouth, is no mean feat to maintain

So to re-align the brand we decided to embrace this by picking up on the heritage that Sherrens has. The new logo, letter pressed onto beautiful British made paper, is really the centre to the brand. Everything is handprinted using a superblack. To say Sherrens were impressed is an understatement. Not only did they have a fresh start, but they had something to be proud of. This, in turn, re-ignited their passion and direction with their business and brand.

Re-Alignment of Brand

Logo Design & Development

Brand Positioning