No 4 The Chamber – Branding & Interior Design

—No4's Monkey identity was patiently hand drawn in our studio. “If this all sounds glamorous and special, it is. Welcome back to fine dining.” — Bon Appetit.

The context is the identity for the birth of a venerable old brand, emerging as one of the Best ‘New’ Restaurants in the Dorset. No4 The Chamber cannot be separated from the history of the Weymouth and its shipping, just as the local shipping history is incomplete without No4 The Chamber. This simple relationship forms the seed of the brand concept. The identity builds on the history of the Port of Weymouth and its relationship with shipping and ultimately that of the Ships Monkey.

Its said that in the early periods of shipping, a Ships Monkey was common place on these Merchant Ship. The Sailors would bring them aboard while sailing through exotic location as entertainment for the crew. When docking in Weymouth the Monkeys were donated to Zoos and private collectors. There is evidence that the current population of Monkeys residing in London Zoo are directly related to their ancestors who arrived as Ships Monkeys in Weymouth Port.

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