Mason & Sons — Their Italian Job

— Their Italian Job — is a quirky introduction to the new 'Italian Job' collection of suits faithful recreated by Mason & Sons.

Our brief was to create an experience that echoes and reinforces their concept of a highly curated experience — one that's dedicated to British design while embracing the quintessential style of Michael Caine in the Italian Job. Utilising the very British and famous urban landscape of Mayfair as the setting, specifically, the residence of John Lennon & Jimmy Hendrix and the current HQ of Mason & Son's allows us to continue to build this contemporary narrative. Adding '163 ELT'... the original Aston Martin from the Italian Job becomes the icing on the cake.

While we developed the concept and narrative for the film, we also art-directed and produced it — as a small team, we take great pride in the planning and preparation; knowing weeks in advance what the weather will do, where the sun will come up and how we can capitalise on this means our planning, preparations, logistics and contingencies pay off. This makes all the difference to the success of the production — something we take great pride in; knowing and having solutions already prepared is key.

Pre Production
Post Production

Art Direction

Colour Grading
Sound Design

Client: Mason & Son's
Agency: Supreme—DBA

Creative Director: Justin Barrow
Director of Photography: Justin Glynn
Sound Design: Mark Harris