Maiden — ‘Portrait of Her’

—From the way she looks at you, to the way she makes you laugh. “There’s just something about Her.”

Maiden believes in indulging in the moments, celebrating the luxuries of time and comfort, and sharing them with loved ones.

Tasked with producing a shoot on location in order to create a collection of lifestyle shots and a short lifestyle film to engage further with their current audience and strengthen the foundations of their recent rebrand.

The setting of the shoot was fundamental to the success and impact of the project and we devoted significant time into sourcing ‘The One’. The hard work paid off with a both practical and visually ideal location that echoed the same principles of the product and complimented the handcrafted, yet modern designs perfectly. Using a small dedicated team, we shot the two formats simultaneously so to create a more fluent and complimenting package of visual material for the company’s social media platforms.

The shots portray a relationship with between the model and the holder of the lens, they are intimate and romantic, inspired by the nostalgic of home videos and an ode to a loved one. The content is warm, affectionate and inviting; capturing a visual love letter of the moments Maiden help create.

Maiden produce a collection of candles with outstanding form, that is luxurious and purposeful in design. Produced from the best ingredients and crafted with detail, they are a thoroughly modern British company, pioneering and creating meaningful experiences with a sophisticated approach to improving on, and making our lives happier, healthier and sufficiently more welcoming.

Research and Development
Location Hunting

Art Direction
Set Design

Pre and Post Production
Sound Design

Tone, Look and Feel