Ideas League — Launch Advert

—To encapsulate Ideas League’s identity of collaboration, creativity and fun, we believed there was a need to create something that showcases this personality whilst simultaneously delivering informative content with humour.

Our brief was to produce an engaging, lighthearted yet informative Film for the launch of Weyforward’s Idea League in September 2016. The dominating influence of social media means that campaigns no longer need to cost large amounts of money — the biggest budgets don’t necessarily have the loudest voice. Share-ability is everything and engaging content or clever humour can be more successful than polished visuals or elaborate sets. Material shown on social media has a fleeting lifespan before we get distracted and move on. Therefore creating something engaging or memorable is crucial.

We know from experience that for a successful presence, we need to be economical with our time and energy. Rather than exhausting all content on a long-winded presentation that fails to hold attention, we need to draw an audience in, hold their focus and inspire enactment as a result.

Ideas League is going to become a unit of like-minded people. A force that resolves to problem solve and not berate. The core of Ideas League is fuelled by it’s own momentum - a desire for enterprise and venture and it’s these characteristics we would like our delivery to celebrate. We curated the script, developed the idea, concept and direction to produce this campaign film - it highlights the energy, approach and execution we believe is successful in creating memorable content solidifying their brand identity.

It's now been viewed over twenty-four thousands times online (peak was reached in only 48 hours) it proves that Ideas League has gained popularity through successfully capturing the attention of the desired demographic, while still conveying its service — that meets their consumers needs, whilst still coming across as authentic.

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