Fore / Adventure — ‘Patience’

— Where the best things take time.

Where we create an opportunity to share our stories, our lives and our home with eager, curious new friends.” We have held a close creative relationship with Fore since their beginning. We wanted to know, explore and understand how we could turn a campaign for Fore / Adventure in to visceral experience, to really capture what the brand is all about.

The creative direction of this piece was crafted to be as immersive as possible but whisper in a very loud and demanding online environment. By understanding how advertising is being consumed on mobile and social media, we kept the advert short and sensory, balancing the sound scape with engaging visuals.

All the elements of the film conduct towards an all-engaging, immersive experience; from the colours captured, to the tastes reminisced through spoken word. It engages all the senses — much like an experience with Fore.

We wrote the poem, had the music composed, the soundscape recoded and we filmed and produced it.

This is the result — combined.

In a word of fast, slow is steady

And if I had to guess what patience tastes like

I’d say of the sea

Salt crystallising on my lips

Standing with a rocky footing on a rocky edge

Looking out through sea-swept hair to a clear horizon

Old Harry hasn’t aged, and yet it’s been forever

A thousand leagues and forked-tongued winds

Carving unplanned seascapes out of jagged edges

Washed in cobalt

And rolled in soft foam

And when time falls in sweet chalky flints as it crumbles from a cliff edge

I can savour every moment

Pre Production
Post Production

Art Direction

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