Dents 2016 Christmas Advert — ‘The Road’

—Sometimes the meaning of what you do for someone has more value than what you buy.

Its about dedication, the act, the drive to reach them. We strive to find the perfect gift for our loved ones, but sometimes, the best gift is simply being there. Starting in the early hours of an icy winter’s morning and finishing on the brink of sunset, ‘The Road’ follows a gentleman taking to his beloved classic car and heading towards the coast to drive home for Christmas, and to his love.

'The Road' was shot in one day, three weeks before Christmas. We presented the film to Dents as a gift from us. Dents used the film as their Christmas campaign which delivered them significant and measurable results. It’s an exciting time for all; brands such as Dents can now be behind something truly original and inspirational, going far beyond just marketing a product. Dents used the film as their Christmas campaign which delivered them significant and measurable results. We tasked ourselves with making a non-commercial commercial. We wanted to create something romantic, turning a ‘car film’ into something artistic, sensitive and subtle. As December crept in, it felt like the perfect time for ‘The Road’.

Instead of keeping to within the boundaries of stereotypical Christmas visuals, we chose to focus on a relationship and the gesture of delivering a carefully chosen gift to a partner. We wanted the film to empathise with those that have loved ones they miss and to join in with the anticipation of seeing them. By using drones to capture the footage, we were really able to embrace the routes travelled and show the dramatic yet beautiful surroundings during the drive. The theme of the ‘The Road’ is romantic, nostalgic and using the Plus 8 Morgan felt like perfect fit in order to record an emotionally engaging, almost immersive, driving experience.

The entire film was shot in a single day, using a very small team of three. Between sunrise and sunset, we managed to travel over 200 miles across various locations in Dorset. ’The Road’ was used by the Dents company during the last fortnight building up to Christmas - they launched it as a social media campaign and also used the imagery across their website for the duration. The film has received aver 46K views to date, and as well as increasing revenue by 300%, it has been featured on a number of prestigious advertising sites; including achieving ‘#AdOfTheDay’ on Ads of Brand, and Ads of the World.

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