Curry & Paxton — The Getaway

— The Getaway — A brand film that echoes, reinforces, and embraces the delightful aesthetic of classic cinema, with a dash of quintessential British style that only Curry & Paxton can deliver.

As part of our ongoing work with the Mason & Son's family and their continually growing house of brands, this time our brief was to create a brand film that echoes, reinforces and embraces the delightful aesthetic of classic cinema, with a dash of quintessential style that only Curry & Paxton; a very British optical brand, whose roots date back to the Victoria age bring — however; they are best known for their rakish Sixties frames, as seen on Sir Michael Caine in The Italian Job and the Harry Palmer films.

Taking our inspiration from the golden age of Hollywood filmmaking, while leaning into the charm and nuances of 'vintage car chases' meant we would create a homage to the greenscreen parody of that era to create a humorous, entertaining and memorable piece of branded content, with cutdowns for social media along with a photoshoot.

Mason & Son's continue to collaborate with Supreme—DBA, and share our passion and focus, as well as our understanding that; the rewards of making something truly original and engaging often don’t come without the determination to overcome obstacles and trust us, time after time to deliver exceptional creative.

While we developed the concept and narrative for the film, we also art-directed and produced it — as a small team, we take great pride in the planning and preparation; knowing weeks in advance means we can capitalise on our planning, preparations, logistics, and these contingencies pay off. This makes all the difference to the success of the production — something we take great pride in; knowing and having solutions already prepared is key.

"Throughout my working life, I’ve worked with many creative teams, and its always been an experience, not always pleasant!

Working with Justin and his team was an absolute pleasure from concept through to the day of reckoning — his ability to create and execute is exceptional — I look forward to working with him again; hopefully very soon"

Peter Lynes
Director at Curry & Paxton

As featured in;

GQ Magazine
The Rake

Pre Production
Post Production

Idea Generation
Art Direction

Colour Grading
Sound Design

Client: Curry & Paxton
Agency: Supreme—DBA

Creative Director: Justin Barrow
Director of Photography: Justin Glynn
Sound Design: Mark Harris
Gaffer: Andrew Cahill
Model: Jonathan Turner
Model: Marina Hambro
Photographer: Rob Baker Ashton
Hair & Make-Up: Sally Watterston
Car: Philip Neate

Curry & Paxton:
Peter Lynes
David Mason
Elliot Mason
Ben Browne
Ivan Govran
Sofia Strazzanti