Creative Review Talent Spotters: Arts University Bournemouth
I am always excited to see what’s happening on the BA (Hons) Visual Communication degree show at the Arts University Bournemouth and this year’s graduates didn’t disappoint. Aptly named Fridgeworthy, the students showcased a great mix of graphic design, photography, illustration and printmaking and highlighted that the future world of design is in safe hands!


The 12th Man by Stephen Flagg combines his love for football and visual communication and gives insight in the many layers of under-represented fan characteristics and reflects ‘true fans’ in a positive manner, through playful typography and familiar tactical image-making.


Stephen 1


Lewis Bartlett’s By Hand project is a celebration of the beauty of print, displayed though a series of posters and print plates, that showcase traditional print techniques such as relief printmaking and foil blocking and highlight how these processes converge with new technologies.





Aizzah Hanis’ Angry Grrrls Club Feminist zine and posters creates a space for every girl and woman in Brunei to express their thoughts and feelings about being a girl and a woman in a traditional society. Each illustration is based on the personal writings and thoughts of girls and women from Brunei and the style of illustrations reiterate the freedom that Aizzah so strongly discussed within the zine.





The Farrant Avenue Project by Oliver Purrsey is a photo-documentary of his family’s experience of community street culture in Wood Green, London as the location transitions into a contemporary anonymous everchanging environment. This project is a real celebration of place, visualised through some beautiful photography and brought together in a fantastic piece of editorial.





Sam Hodgson’s The Human Experience is a playful insight into who we are and what it is to be human through four stages; consciousness, experience, language and culture. Through type and illustrative diagrams, the project visualises how we interact with each other in the modern world, using experimental folds to that we can navigate the project in our own way and encourages us to discover our own meaning of The Human Experience.





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