Comms.UK — Branding & Visual Communication

—Comms.UK chose us as a partner to develop a new vision with them, creating a tangible brand that positions them away from the status quo of their industry. The development and application of this then became the indisputable goal and future of the project.

The Communications and IT world is a noisy place and filled with a panoply of choice. Brands need to demonstrate their difference through a considered personality and position—doing that well makes it easy for customers to understand the difference.

Comms.UK’s old position was as a local company with a superb reputation — However, it was only known via its current customer base and was not voiced externally, meaning it’s methodology, process, beliefs and ethos weren't echoed in the company's visual communications — Both through its identity and tone — on and offline.

Starting with 'How', What, and 'Why' we answered these hard questions with research, client dialogue and more questions before starting to work on the visual elements—we believe that contextual research always affects the visual outcome. Vision requires courage to create big ideas—it facilitates enterprise, products and services that are sustained by organisations who have the ability to imagine what others cannot see, and the tenacity to deliver what others don't believe possible.

Summarised; Comms.UK needed to be presented in a professional manner that was honest, clear and confident. The rebrand, consisting of a new identity, brand & product architecture, visual system and website — along with print and digital assets; that not only aligns with their new brand statement but also mirrors their understanding of the client’s requirements.

C.UK Brand Statement

Since 1996 we have continued to have high expectations of each other, and our products — We have worked hard as a team to build a company we can proud of.

We have evolved through the years, encompassing technological advances, design and consumer needs — while that mindset has uniquely positioned our company, it has also allowed us to create and grow into the company we are today.

Meaning our ability to make a user-centric contribution to our customers business’s needs; that meets and exceeds their requirements are second nature.

We do this by placing equal emphasis on our service, our product disciplines — and our team of experts and uniquely positioned to deliver a new standard. One that is better suited to the way Businesses are interacting today.

'We put the client’s needs, and then the product, at the focal point of all our operations'.

Research and Development
Brand Architecture
Brand System
Creation of the Big Idea and Vision
Position Documentation

Creation of Values and Personality
Creation of Brand Strategy Document
Creation of Brand Elements
Logo and brand icons
Logotype Font

Website Design & Development
Brand Font Family
Tone of Voice
Core Brand Colours

Social Media Identity kit
Promotional Elements
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