Case Study — Maiden

With the project less than three months old, the work we created directly resulted in Maiden being asked to collaborate with a desirable and prestigious brand — worth far more by association, than monetary value.

Josh, the Director at Maiden, was given the opportunity to start over with the branding — while a brand is an intangible asset, brand identity; which includes all tangible expression from packaging to websites, should uphold that value and tone. This was something that Josh and the incumbent brand had always struggled to communicate, despite already being synonymous with its current customer base for creating beautiful products; of value and high quality. Our work has perfectly positioned the brand to achieve great things.

With the global candle industry saturated with brands from the big market dominating FMCG players to the cottage 'homemade' industry, the challenge for Maiden was to create their own place in the market. We achieved this by creating a strong visual language and evocative imagery consistent with the brand's identity — with the aim of becoming a ‘recognisable name’, connecting with affiliate brands and spokesmen, actively promoting and engaging with the cultures ready to listen and ready to make decisions.

The Beginning

The candle industry has a notorious look and feel. Maiden's approach to how, why and what is clearly visible in the candles they make, while being forward thinking with exceptional detail.

We believe that there are only a few brands able (and brave enough) to leave the status-quo and achieve their true character in their branding. Maiden has always been disruptive in their approach to the design of their products. They choose the hard route, the abstract route, the route that few are brave enough to follow. This has means, with a perfectly executed and considered design approach together we can bring a fresh approach to the industry.

The Challenge

We achieved this challenge by using a strong visual language consisting of a bespoke font and a sophisticated and detailed word-mark. Contemporary typography and a modest, deep navy hue kept the traditional feel, but with a dramatic contemporary finish. Adding evocative imagery consistent with the brand's identity — we can then start to become a ‘recognisable name’ aimed at connecting with affiliate by actively promoting this via branded content aimed at engaging and connecting with the cultures that surround them.

Brand consistency, tone and vision are paramount in gaining the trust of the cultures - generating noise and the resulting traction required to become a pioneer in this movement. That mindset, along with their execution, will allow Maiden to continue to grow the company it has become and the brand it will be tomorrow.

The Solution

Our rebranding epitomises the core that Maiden stands for; using the best ingredients and crafted with detail, Maiden’s products and brand will always be curated to the highest standards of production.

Maiden is now able to voice externally it's meaning, methodology, process, beliefs and ethos in their visual communications — Through its identity on and off-line. The new concept has already gained great success from wholesale and amongst consumers – both in the English home market and in Europe. These prioritised markets are the launch pad for further global growth.

Maiden will continue to create beautiful products and stories — striving to make things with more value and for that value to have a tangible and positive effect on our wellbeing. It’s not enough to just say that their products are the best, they will consistently prove it - meaning they exceed their customers' expectation and build upon the trust.

That mindset, along with their execution, will allow Maiden to explore, evolve and create content which shares the same ethos and commitment that its high-quality production and brand does.

Client feedback

"Working with Supreme—DBA for the last year has been an incredible experience for us in a lot of ways. Justin and team bring an immense level of passion and enthusiasm into every one of their projects and that really rubbed off on us, making the project an exciting delight.

Most importantly Justin reinforced our confidence in our product by creating an excellent brand and set of assets backed up with incredible skill and knowledge. We were struggling to see the right place for our business and Supreme—DBA have put exactly on the right path. They never shy away from putting in the extra effort and time when necessary.

They are easily one of the best companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with."

Josh Simonds


Art Direction



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