Barrow and Flux — Branding & Product

—Barrow & Flux; Our motivation lies in the ‘Made in England’ ethos, it means everything to us and we’re proud of it.

Barrow & Flux was created to be quintessential English brand, motivated to put something back, something for England. Barrow & Flux is a quintessential English brand, so we are motivated to put something back, something for the future. Something for England. The wood we use is indigenous to England. It is responsibly managed and sustainably sourced. We create something to be proud of – and so we create something our customers are proud of. We keep it local by buying local, because it make sense. We put in what we take out, and the byproduct is being responsible. And like any finely crafted product, the customers takes on a unique responsibility to ensuring its welfare.

Our glasses are made from kiln-dried English woods and we only select the finest, by hand. We source all our timber locally. It’s then taken back to the shop and prepared into the veneer we use. We also use a local optometrist to create our lenses. Again, these are the finest polycarbonate, 100% UV lenses and come in various colours & finishes. England is simply a beautiful background to whatever and wherever we play in the country. Creating a local sustainable business in England will make sure the future of communities, our families and our friends, be them old and new.

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